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What do girl students look for in love and life?

Recenly,there is a survey very hot on line, about“What do girl students look for in love and life?”

When I make a opposite sex friend, the first thing I notice is the appearance .But when the girl students look for a boyfriend ,to surprise ,only 14% of girl students think about the appearance and 11% think about the economic status first . The other 17%girls look for first is boy’s common interest and goals .ability and personality are two important things. If a boy has good ability or cool personality ,he may make a beautiful girlfriend. Because 27%girls think about the boy’s ability and31% girls think the personality is very important before making a boyfriend.

We all wish our life become more and more happiness .But what’s the most important for a happy life?19.7%of girl students believe good career can bring them happinss.9.1%think money can make them feel happy .the largest group,68.2%of girls think a happiness marriage or getting on well with familiar is a happy life. But only3%think maybe other thing can bring a happy life]

According to the result of the survey, through some girl think money can bring love and a happy life, more people believe something more important than money, such true love and family affection.


What Do Girl Students Look for in Love and Life?

In order to know about girl students’ opinion about love and life, a survey with girl students was conducted in 2005 in two universities — Chongqing University of Technology and Business and East China Normal University. The survey sought answers to two questions: What do you look for first in a boyfriend? What’s the most important thing for a happy life? About one third of the students chose personality as the top factor in choosing a boyfriend, followed by 27 percent focusing on abilities. Next came common interests and goals, favoured by 17 percent, with only 14 percent of students claiming appearance to be uppermost in their minds. Fewer still, 11 percent, rated economic status as the first consideration. As to their views about a happy life, nearly seventy percent of the girls attached the greatest importance to marriage and family. “Career” was given top priority by just under 20 percent, while even fewer, around 9 percent, believed that money was the key to a happy life.

Based on the survey, we may conclude that nowadays, girl students generally hold a rational attitude towards love and life. Admittedly, the improved material conditions of life explain why girls take economic status and money rather lightly. But contrary to the popular view that girls are more concerned about self-development in the workplace and social status, they still regard upon marriage and family life as central to a happy life.

The picture show us that a flog tell to another flog on stone about “looks are not everything. it’s what’s inside you that really matters.” This conversation tells us that the appearance sometimes is not counts.

In life, we always hear that a man was handsome but has a poor in side. So the appearance doesn’t mean everything, the important thing is the inside quality of a person. To be a outstanding man, we should try our best to increase our inside. On one hand, we must set up our value and hard study to increase our inside. On the other hand, making a friend with the outstanding avails us to learn from him for increasing our inside.

All at all, I think the inside quality is a person’s most valuable thing. Because the appearance will become old in the future, but the inside quality will be more and more wonderful.





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1.?????? 成功的四个步骤 Four Steps to a Successful

Four Steps to a Successful

The first time in life? Then grasp your chance with your perfect performance on the dating night, by learning the following principle in heart.

Dress properly. While everyone wants to give an impressive debut on the first date, you should avoid wearing something too bizarre to be accepted. If you are still in school, a sportswear can fulfill your purpose. For businessman or grownups, casual clothes are recommended. Never put up your working uniforms,no matter how well you like that Armani suit. It is no work. A few accessories such as a pair of sunglasses or silver loops on the wrist can add up to the romance sphere.

Take a bath before dating. And if you like, spray a little perfume, but unless you're sure that he or she likes the smell,don't use ones that are too strong.

Watch your manner. You're no prince of the Scotland nor Cinderella in the legend. Proper manners will ensure a lasting relationship while bad ones scare away your sweetheart. And do make sure you do not boast about your fortune, for, not everyone are green addicts. And your way of smiling, or your greatestoath, should neither be "coy" nor "by St. Loy!" after the nun in Chaucer.

Be a little sensitive than merely innocent. Do make sure you do not intrude his or her privacy on the first date. For there maybe something deeply concealed within the inner core of every heart, of which the owner doesn't share often with anyone but his intimacy.

Finally, wish you good luck. May you get your hearts combined and start a new journey in the miracle of life and love. Stay tuned till a borderline is reached, and keep on through out the whole way.

简 评

看来第一次约会真是令人兴奋并紧张期待的。为第一次约会所提出的建议也是仁者见仁、智者见智。王永同学用词简单、结构精炼,读起来节奏快,例如:“Dress Properly....If you are still in school,a sportswear can fulfill your purpose.For businessman Orgrowmups,

casual clothes are recommended.”这样的文章结构像是在提醒我们时不我待,要抓住机会,抓紧时间。


2.?????? 我的宿舍生活My Dormitory Life

My Dormitory Life

Compared with the forty year old shabby dormitory I am living in now, the one I lived in for three years in high school was heaven: three students shared one brand new suite with air conditioners and a bathroom.

In three years time we changed it thoroughly:the color of the floor turned from bright pink into muddy gray, and the closet a hive of insects proliferating among piles of rotten fruit.And our masterpiece was the bathroom, a never drying swamp which served as the habitat of various kinds of mold, and even rodents, rats would occasionally take the trouble to pay us a visit, and.., all three of us felt like sobbing when we at last had to say good bye to our lovely filthy dormitory. Maybe it is because that the dormitory had changed us as well as we'd changed it.

The first lesson our dormitory taught us was to look after ourselves. Frankly speaking, we were not good students at all. I still remember the underwear that was soaked in soapy water for one and a half years before it was finally thrown away. Almost each of the boys' dormitories had gradually developed its own unique "fragrance" usually a mixture of rotten fruit, unwashed socks, stunk towels and some junk food. We could tell one dormitory from another by sniffing instead of looking. Our tolerance towards untidiness was amazing.

However, in spite of all this, we really did make some progress. Bit by bit, we started to wash dirty clothes before they stunk, cleaned the garbage bin when it could hold no more trash, we even used brushes in a not-sc-successful attempt to refurbish the floor. The point was that we were not obeying any order, we did every bit of the cleaning for ourselves, because we wanted to live in a better place. Though nothing we did could be called an achievement, it was the first time we fully bore the consequences of our behavior, and took the responsibility.

Thus it was not surprising that I often found myself the only one to clean up my university dormitory which looked no better than a garbage bin when my roommates felt normal of it.

When talking about our dormitory life, and probably all the dormitory life, we should never leave out one thing. This was what we called "bed talks". Though it was considered "illegal,"there was nothing to stop us from deliberately starting a heated discussion right after lights were out. It was our favorite and the only way of ending our day, and we were as punctual for it as our parents are for work. What was the most common topic?Girls, of course! What other topics were there for three energetic adolescent males lying comfortably in bed? We judged them,ranked them, argued over them night after night without feeling the slightest sense of boredom for three whole years. Were we

maniacs? Who is not a maniac at eighteen?




3.?????? 大学英语的学习-Learning English at College

Learning English at college is different from learning English at middle school. In middle school, we learn English mainly for the entrance examination for college, while the purpose of learning English at college is quite different. We study foreign languages now to improve our ability to work in the future and especially to communicate with foreiguers.

How can we learn English well at college? Firstly, you should try your best to enlarge your vocabulary. Only in this way can you read more smoothly and understand others well. Secondly, you should pay more attention to the listening and speaking ability in learning English. While talking with foreigners, if you can't understand them, and do not know how to express yourself, the talking will be very difficult. And the last point is that you sh


ould improve your English whenever and wherever you can. Obviously, there is still a long way for us to go to learn English well. As a proverb says,

Never too old to learn.' There are so many methods to learn English. So long as you keep on studying, your English will surely be improved.


4.?????? 电脑能代替纸笔吗?-大学英语作文

People often say we have entered the electronic age. Computers have become the center of life. No one can live and work without computers. In the future, everyone can work and study at home hefore a PC. There won't be piles of files. Instead, a disc is OK enough.

With the appearance of printers, the pen becomes less useful than before. And since the computer was created, paper is also gradually giving way to the screen, which can show lively moving things from different sides in the same picture. It is true that with the developmem of science, such products as computers and printers will be the major tools in our future life and work. But the traditional tools will also exist for a long time to supplement the function of the modern ones. At least, we still need pens to sign with and paper to sign on.[


5.?????? 幸福是什么-What Is Happiness?-大学英语作文

Happiness means different things to different people. For example, some people believe that if they have lots of money, they will be happy. They believe that if they are wealthy, they will be able to do anything they want, which means happiness. On the other hand, some people believe that holding a high position

in the government is happiness. In this way, you have not onlymoney, but also many other things which can't be bought by money.

However, other people believe that having lots of money is not happiness nor is holding a high position in the government. These people value their beliefs, or their intelligence, or their health. They think these can make them happy.

For me, happiness is closely tied to my studies, my work and my family. When I made great progress in my studies, when I made contributions to the society through my

work, when all the members in my family live in harmony, sharing good and sad times, I was happy. Although the definition of happiness depends on each individual my "wealth" of happiness is in my studies, my work, and my family.


6.?????? 经济发展与环境保护 Economic Development and Envir.

Some people believe that economic development should never be at the cost of the environment. They think the present serious environmental problems are largely caused by rapid

economic development. For example, land resources are shrinking because of the industrial development and the expansion of cities. Deserts are spreading because of over grazing, poor fanning, tree cutting, and strip mining. Our air and water supplies are being polluted by poisonous gassesand waste products. It is important, therefore, that we should take another look at the way in which our industries and cities are developing.

However, other people think it unnecessary to consider environmental problems now and our first priority should always be given to economic development. They believe that environmental problems are inevitable and unavoidable in the process of economic development. They are only the by products of economic development, which can be dealt with later when we have the time and money.

I think the second idea is completelywrong. Our ultimate aim in economic development is to provide a comfortable and happy life for our people. What is the point of economic development if we achieve it at the cost of our environment? There has been much evidence to prove that a balance between the two helps more rapid and continuous development.


7.?????? 树立目标的重要性-The Importance of Goal

Why is goal-setting important? Because goals can help you do and experience every meaningful thing you hope for in life. Instead of letting life happen to you, goals allow you to make your life happen.

Successful people have visions of what their life should be and they set lots of goals, both sbort-term and long-range, to help them realize the visions. By setting goals you are taking control of your life. It is like having a map to show where you want to go. A driver with an aim arrives at the destination without any waste of time or wrong turns. On the contrary, a driver with no aim drives aimlessly around, never getting anywhere and just using up gas and oil. Winners in life set goals and follow through on them. They decide what they want and then get there by making plans and setting goals. Goals ara not difficult to set and they are not difficult to reach. It is up to you to find out what your goals, ideals and visions really are. With a clear direction, and with certain plans, you will straightly get what you want. Without a goal, you have to live a passive life. You do not know where to go, what you want and why you are listless. Then your life be comes dull and meaningless just like the dead water in a muddy lake.


8.?????? 如何保持健康-How to Keep Fit


1. 健康是幸福生活的保证。

2. 保持健康的几种方法。

3. 美好的未来需要健康。

Health is the guarantee of one's happiness. Without a healthy body, one cannot do what he wants to, not to mention accomplishing his goals in life.

One can keep fit in three ways. First, he is to pay attention to hygiene. Stay away from viruses, which means one should wash hands, take baths frequently, eat and drink properly. Stay away from bad life habits, such as smoking and overworking, which severely damage the body organs. Secondly, one is to exercise regularly. He may go jogging, swimming, bicycling, playing basketball and so on. Exercises will improve one's ability to resist diseases. And last but not least, he should be optimistic, fearing no difficulties and obstacles, and always being in high spirits.

Only in good health as well as in high spirits can we greet the future, which is full of competition and challenges, and strive to achieve our ambitions energetically. ?

9.?????? 如何减轻压力-大学英语作文



How to Reduce Stress

Stress is an inevitable part in our normal life. Many kinds of things, such as natural disasters, war and death can cause too much stress in our life. But according to a psychologist, on a day-to-day basis, stress may result from the small things: taking an exam, waiting in line, and having too many things to do in a limited time. We all need stress to add flavor, challenge, and opportunity to life, but too much stress can seriously affect our physical and mental well-being, It reduces the body's immunity and harms the brain, If the stress lasts a long time, it may cause physical illness, insomnia, headaches, backaches, ulcers, high blood pressure-even heart disease.

When stress does occur, it's important to recognize and deal with it. There ore some methods we can try. A large number of physical activities can reduce onxiety. Shoring our stress with others can be enormously helpful. Making time for fun such os listening to music may be good medicine. Sometimes even crying is on efficient way to releose stress. 摘自


10.?? 城市化利弊谈-Advantages and Disadvantages of U.

Urbanization has been a subject of heated discussion for a long time. Some people are in favor, while others are opposed. In my opinion, urbanization has both advantages and disadvantages.

Generally, the advantages of urbanization can be listed as follows. First,urbanization can quicken our pace to catch up with the developed countries. We all know that the developed countries are all highly urbanized. Second, urbanization will help to solve the problem of unemployment. It will create more job opportunities for the unemployed. In addition, urbanization will free a great number


Dear Lu.

Thanks for your email. How is it going in NanJing? Do you have new friends in your college now? Today I would like to share some exciting news with you.

At first, I think it is necessary to introduce my new friend, lucy. She comes from BeiJing with big eyes. She is a outgoing and lovely girl with big eyes. One day, she give me a big hug and kiss me in my checks suddenly. She told me that she fall in love with our friend,Tom. And they have got together for one week. I am so surprised because I did not know everything until she told me the details. She said that they met in my birthday party and communicate with each other on line after party. At New Year’s day, Tom give she a bunch of rose and promise to love she forever. She is moved by Tom’s promise and burst into tears. Even though I have been in love with Tom. I still wish that they can love each other forever.

All the best.

PS.There are some photos about my new life. Looking forward to your reply.

Yours Daisy 英语30班3号刘尚媛

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